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Global auto-translated chat 4 World Peace

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 10/09/2015

Here is my idea to help create world peace!<br>Make an app that connects people from around the world through multiple language barriers and social stigma.<br><br>The core function of this app would be to randomly connect pairs of people to chat with each other. When you are connected, you have no idea who you are talking to or where they are from. You type in a message, and a list of pre-translated phrases comes up based on the typed text. You select which phrase to send to your chat partner. Pre-translated phrases are used since auto-translation doesn&apos;t always work. After the chat has ended, you fill out a survey that asks how you feel towards the person you just talked with, and you can add that person to a list of friends to chat again. Finally, information on your chat partner is revealed, like country, religion, native language etc.<br><br>Since language barriers create miscommunication and distrust, and social perception of different nationalities exists, it&apos;s difficult to communicate. This app will help everyone in the world to understand each other, and promote world peace.








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