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a startup idea shared by Raji Hamideh on 10/14/2015

It is very common for people in the U.S.A to make their garages their personal place. Whether they transform their 30x30 into a gym, meditation room, billiards and table tennis or video game room.Garages are utilized everywhere for fun instead of parking cars. So what if there was an app that connected garage owners with people looking for entertainment? What I mean is simple the app user has four payment offers 2 garages=$10 a month 4 garages=$18 a month 6 garages=$25 a month Unlimited=$40 a month Some examples of what the Garage membership would offer: -Relaxation Center (Yoga, sleep, meditation) -Homework and Work Center -Gym -Library -Gaming Center (Videogames) -Tan Salon -Jacuzzi -table football, billiards, and table tennis center and many more Okay but what does the Garage owner get in return? Simple, enough money to possibly pay rent Given the logistics if an estimate of 30 persons visit your "Center"a day it could profit the owner anywhere from $350-$1000 dollars a month., and he does not need to be there. He simply locks the door from his garage to his house just as he would lock the door of his front door, and the money comes in easy for him.







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