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a startup idea shared by Daniel Nunes on 08/04/2018

Hi to all the inventors out there! The idea is to optimise one of the best online inventions from the last year's - the Rating System (1-5 * or 1-5/10 Points). The problem: that sometimes products are just negative rated because people are to stupid to use the product or just expect impossible results and also since companys pay for good comments/rates for them own products or negatives for the competitor the rating system isn't that effective anymore. The solution: a community of friends, family, youtuber that you know,... people where you can trust the rating. So that rating system needs to be integrated on all the shops in the end. So you go on a page and you can directly see the average rate of those people you have in your rating system. Who knows something like that? Any adding ideas? Who can help to start that project? Daniel




rating system

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