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a startup idea shared by Omar Ali Muzaffar on 07/11/2015

There are Millions of freelancers across the world!
My idea is to allow freelancers across the world to have easier access to projects. And allow business users the security that they are hiring the right person.

This could also be a payment gateway for freelancers and business users who are on many different sites.
This could be a site as well as a App.

For Freelancers.
My idea is to create an app that allows you to get work at the click of a button allowing you to accept work on the go, Upload work at the touch of a button. and get paid easily. Message and many more features all with the ability to work offline as well.

For Business users.
Imagine not having to log onto multiple sites, Imagine creating one job spec and at the touch of a button being able to reach millions of freelancers. you get to filter through proposals easily. you can message and have a team of favorite freelancers. plus many more features. All of this and much more can be done on the go.

I have looked into this Idea and believe that there is a gap. Remember there are more than 54 million freelancers across the US alone, with more people joining everyday.

, , app, freelancer, Payment Gateway, startup, website

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Brand Tech
BrandTech is an Online Design & Development Services Provider.
45 months ago
by Anonymous

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