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Foot Stick Protector

a startup idea shared by caiocall on 05/31/2011

A slim, confortable and durable sticker like to put on your foot. Example of usage: On Waterparks. It´s not cool to use slippers because you loose mobility and you can´t run on all places or sliders wearing them, also when you get wet you get slick using them so you can fall if you run to fast, on the other hand running and going arround all the waterpark all day long makes your feet get scratched or burned because the sun will make the floor get hot on some areas of the park. So imagine all the day running and playing on the park with no protection to your foot, you cant use slippers. At the end of the day you are with your feet scratched and burned, so if we had a great easy to use and confortable durable sticker we could use it to play and them remove it and all done.

feet protector

feet sticker


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