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Food Wastage reduction through donation

a startup idea shared by Uma on 11/04/2014

Across the world, there are restaurants that waste tons of excess food everyday. I would like to create a website/iphone/android app to establish a link between restaurants and the charity homes/needy households to enable excess food donation. We can also create a 'goodwill' points system for restaurants to get rewarded for such a noble deed which they can use for their own marketing efforts by being a responsible social business as well.

Food charity

Food donation

restaurant food


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Mr Nash business analyst Riyadh, saudi arabia
Joshua Jou-Hua Hirsig Software Developer, Android and Backend Switzerland
Muzammil Pathan iOS App Developer Mumbai
Kaushik Sarker Setu Software Engineer Bangladesh
Brijesh Rashiya IOS App Developer Rajkot
Meenakshi Agrawal Android app developer Varanasi
Max Mitschke Developer, Product Manager Berlin, Germany
Alessandro Alessio c# developer dublin
Savitha Ramesh App developer India
Nikita Saxena android app developer Bareilly
d Birkenheiser Graphics, UI, Research, Web Designer, Marketing Kitchener, ON
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Ifere Software Developer Nigeria
Sherin Binu Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer Chennai, IN

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