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Wong Zi Yang shared this idea 5 years ago

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Fingsrprint unlocked rifles for anti warfare

a startup idea shared by Wong Zi Yang on 12/15/2015

A simple solution to a major world problem.<br><br>1. Fingerprint unlocked weapondry that only allows registered owner to use. Prevents home accidents and keeps weapon safe even when the hands of children and unwanted persons.<br><br>2. Prevents unwanted military acquisition of the weapons. Currently wars are fought whereby the weapons end up being stolen by enemies or picked up by rebel groups during evacs, retreats and takeovers. Globalizing fingerprint technology would prevent this to a powerful degree especially in the middle east where rebels may not have the technology to enable stolen weapondry to function.<br><br>This idea is provided by, which aims to bring about free business ideas for entrepreneurs to stsrt their own business with. All ideas on our site are free and consist of varied topics from internet business ideas to product ideas and business concepts.

anti war

Gun control




world problems

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