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Find Nearby People

a startup idea shared by shubhadeep banerjee on 11/23/2016

Suppose on a weekend you are bored and want to meet people who love sci-fi and are available within 5 Kms from your current location. This is the app where you can find them. People will sign-up with the app and provide their interests (like movies, soccer, poetry etc.). They will be able to 'check in' to a certain area through the app . The app will now search for the people with same or similar interests at the same area and provide a list (sorted by the ascending order of the distance from the user). The users can connect available people from the list and hangout with them. Users will also be able to check out or go offline when they are not available. There can also be the possibility of group meets (grouped by similar interests and location) and events. If you are interested with this idea, you can send me a message here or contact me on Facebook.


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Philip Rollins Developer (API/Web/Mobile) Colorado, United States
Diego Leon Programmer/Student Tallahassee, Florida
shubhadeep banerjee Developer (Cross platform / Backend) Kolkata, India
Terry Morgan Strictly Funding Canada
Gaurav Borkar Web Developer (PHP/MySQL,, Ruby on Rails) Goa, India
Venkatesh Radhakrishnan Product Manager, Strategy, Marketing, Business Exp Chennai - India

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