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Feeding the poor from the supermarket

a startup idea shared by The Idea Smith on 05/06/2011

I'm sure that at some stage everyone has either seen or been asked on the street for money/donations to help the poor in the third world, normally its World Vision, UNICEF etc. I know for me one of the greatest negatives about that situation is making the commitment to sponsor a child on the spot, often it means that you have to give your credit card details to a complete stranger. What if giving to the poor and starving was as easy as buying a chocolate bar from the supermarket? Imagine this scenario, your at your local supermarket lining up to pay for your groceries. You glance across to where the chewing gum and chocolate bars normally are and you notice a small card with a picture of a bag of flower printed on it and a price of say, $10. Your thinking to yourself "i'm about to spend $100 on food for myself, whats another $10 to feed a family in africa for a month".



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