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a startup idea shared by Gordon James Campbell on 06/16/2013

Some kind of favors system where you can request any kind of favor from both your friends and the public. There could be interesting "pay it forward" features and other rewarding systems. The idea is that if someone needs help, this is the place to get it and receive it. Ask for a favor today!

You can decide what kind of favor you need:
- funding
- rate a content (picture, article, video, etc) with different modes available (commenting, star rating, thumbs)
- support (gather awareness)
- contest voting
- real life situations (gatherings, help doing something)
- click on a link, follow a social profile
- etc. etc.

Each kind of favor has it's specific format. Accomplished favors should be able to be verified in order to give credit to the person who helped out - hey, s/he should be probably be rewarded, right? Whether it's with a shiny trophy, a thank you or credits....

This isn't a marketplace like the amazing - where you offer services or pay for something - it's a favorplace. People are motivated by helping others out.

So, do me a favor, let me know what you think.

favor, favour, funding, pay it forward, supporting

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i think someone's doing it here:
looks pretty cool actually
56 months ago
by Anonymous
Favor Exchange
Started, has some lorem ipsums on there, but the idea was there at some point.
63 months ago
by Matt Brown
Favor Traders
Similar, but not the same. Appears you can only do favors for those you know.
63 months ago
by Matt Brown

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