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Facebook Eulogizer

a startup idea shared by Mike Simon . Connex.Us on 05/21/2012

People die all the time, but more and more, they are leaving full profiles with thousands of pictures, notes and posts about themselves behind.

Facebook has a method for allowing a user to download their entire history in one file.

What if we had a service that would go into our account and generate an entire Apple (or similar) photobook (with quotes, statuses, favorite comments (comments we liked), etc). The service would be paid for in advance and would scan your Facebook page once a day (or week) and send you an updated cost/page count. When requested by a loved one (who has the Eulogizer password, but not your facebook password), the Euologizer downloads the file and generates the book, then sends it to the loved one. Additional copies can be purchased by others with a link provided by the original loved on.

In an age where few people are keeping physical photo albums, this may be the only way for our children and grandchildren to really get a sense of who we were when we were alive.

automation, Eulogy, Facebook, online ideas, photo, status

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Video Downloader 3 months ago
by Anonymous
Social Eulogizer 74 months ago
by Anonymous

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