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Face to Face e-commerce site

a startup idea shared by Alun on 04/16/2016

The problem with e-commerce as it stands is a lack of communication between the seller and the customer. There is no customer service and experience outside of buying something for the lowest price possible. This is why traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores are still king for high-end purchases. My solution is to build an e-commerce site where you can have a direct face-to-face conversation with the seller, making the customer experience a lot more personal and enjoyable whilst potentially increasing sales for high-end merchants. Merchants get a percent commission per extra item that they sell on top of the items in the cart. We would start with branded clothing lines and jewellery, since these are prime industries where customer service is of paramount importance, but then we could shift to other high value areas like furniture and potentially even real estate.







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Giuseppe business/development/funding london
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Maduabuchukwu Onuchukwu Marketing/Funding/Business London, Lagos, New York
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