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Wong Zi Yang shared this idea 5 years ago

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Expense Management - Smartwatch-supported App

a startup idea shared by Wong Zi Yang on 12/15/2015

While the concept of managing our expenditures is by no means new - the tools to encourage and pursue it efficiently are not yet widespread and readily in use. Despite the plenty of mobile apps that have been around to help with money management, mobile devices are bloated with distractions and inconvenience that prevent this from becoming our primary tool of Money Management. Do we really wish to take out our phones, unlock it, open an app and key in the exact amount spent every time we make a purchase or transaction? Worse still, money management apps are often unnecessarily complicated, requiring multiple data entries for one single instance of credit. Smartwatches happen to be highly visible, functional and simple for this purpose. Create a simple and straightforward expense tracking app that ties into smartwatches - be creative and invent a system of taps that indicate to the nearest dollar of spending! This can even apply to a possible lock-screen app, hence increasing the viability of expenditure tracking in the modern user's life.


Income Tracking

mobile app

Money Management


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