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ExamCrazy (For the Students, By the Students)

a startup idea shared by Praveen Kumar A.X. on 08/24/2012

A virtual study room where students can meet other students of their own disciplines and prepare for their exams. Give a pop quiz for your friends, rate them, develop ideas over a concept and much more. Initially i thought this idea for a Facebook App. But now i am thinking this has a website. Studies show over 65% of FBook users are under the age of 24. Why cant we use Social Networking for the sake of Academics.


online ideas

website. social networking

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Anwaar Ansari Social Media head... Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
jennifer stone launch in hyderabad,media coverage hyderabad
Peter Episcopo Marketing, Web Management Washington, D.C.
Jignesh Panchal Software Architect San Francisco, CA
John Lee Marketing North America
Shae Armstrong attorney and operations Dallas, Texas
Will Wissen Business Development Germany
Praveen Kumar A.X. Developer Bangalore
Sushil Gupta Web Developer (PHP/Mysql, jQuery, HTML) Nepal
Sibusiso Ndlovu Developer South Africa
Pranav Mutatkar Creative director-- Business Development United States
Karl Kaju Web Designer Estonia
Pauline de Valance Web marketing France
Bikash Dash Social Media Promotion bhubaneswar
Ryan Price Marketing Toronto
Maxim Galushka java dev, android dev, javascript, responsive desi Ukraine, Kiev
Mohamed Amine Agzid Marketing, Promotion Casablanca , Morocco
saurabh seth Developer,promotion India
Xanius Hall php developer jamaica
Michael Stevenson Programmer United States
Kayhan Cinar Developer Germany
Andres Toledo Programmer: PC and mobile development United States
John Kevin Gonzales Web Developer (Php, MySQL, jS, jQuery, HTML) Philippines
Keyur Patel Django Developer India
Brandon Gould Press Relations Maryland
Jeetendra Lulla Investor and Strategic marketing India
ajith product development, conceptualize Nj USA
Suruchi Research and Design New Delhi, India
Mohan Vamsi Kantrapati investor United States of America
Alexander Deprito Website developer Algeria
Jugal shah Designer, developer Houston Tx
John Wu Web Developer Fujian, China
Prasanna S Co-founder Salem , India
Danyal Malik Windows Phone Developer Islamabad, Pakistan
karl buettner investor guadeloupe
Helia Mohammadi Doostrdar developer (android) Iran
Rafael Neocleous Research, Design, Product development Greece, Patras // Cyprus
Ishaan Sharma Android Developer Ontario, Canada
Matthew Lane Marketing, Promotions Atlanta, Georgia
Ravinder Parihar Android Development Chandigarh India
B. Mallik Marketing, Promotions, Funding, Development London, United Kingdom.
Akash K M programmer india
Ahmed Suljić devloper IT Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bhanu pratap singh Android Development Gurgaon, India
Sneha Jain UI engineer Bangalore
Brad Gaboury marketing, strategic planning Alberta, Canada
Joshua Zahner Web Design and Development St. Louis, Misssouri
Uttam Aaseri developer mumbai
Chandan Relan Product / Project Manager Mumbai
Roopak Bhartee Strategy and Business Development Hyderabad
Pedro Jacinto Developer Montijo, Portugal
Shivam Kapoor iOS developer Mumbai
Anitha social media head (India) Bangalore
Ananth C Jayan Launch in kerala kochi
Arshad Makandar Developer Banglore,India
Henrique Savelli Android Developer Brazil
Sri Vastav Programmer Hyderabad,India
Pratiush Prasunn developer india
Asad Sayyed Developer Mumbai,India
Don Michael Gbenga android developer Lagos, Nigeria
Yousef Ahmed iOS developer and a Graphic Designer Egypt
Bala JI front end developer for android chennai
Anil Motwani Owner of a startup IT firm in India India
Shashank Shekhar Developer India
Vincent Fango Web developer Japan, Tokyo
Terence Teoh Marketing & Sales Singapore
Sourabh Siddhu Developer New Delhi
Shivashkar Singh Developer London
Max Beyer Web Dev/Designer, Software Engineer, IT/Servers New York City, USA
Desube Designe Graphic designer.web designer Akgeria
Keshav Ganguly Developer Faridabad, Haryana
Charles Ajulo Launch in my country Nigeria
saurabh kumawat co founder jaipur india
Weni Gusti Rahayu marketing indonesia
Abhinandan Kaushal Engineer Himachal Pradesh
Michael Strauch Sales and Marketing United States
Nam Duy Nguyễn Engineer Vietnam
Michael Nouwens Software Developer South Africa
Abdullah Al-Hariri Investor Saudi Arabia
Sangramjit Das Choudhury marketing India

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