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a startup idea shared by IDencIHD on 08/08/2015

Remember those challenges that were all the go at one time? Ice bucket challenge, Don&apos;t judge challenge, etc.. Those are only a few examples. But I bet if you were on any social network you enjoyed watching them. Especially those videos of people you knew.I present to you Etched. The idea of Etched is to bring friends together in the real world. Nowadays technology has stopped people communicating face to face and with Etched we can change that.So what do you do with Etched?<br>Well with Etched you can set challenges for you and friends to complete within a time frame. For example, you create a group and set a challenge for your friends Bob and Alice. Bob and Alice then both review the challenge and can either Accept or Decline the challenge. If they accept challenge:<br>They are in the &quot;group&quot;. They must also take a video that can be no longer than a minute(Might change that time). They can either post the video as private(Only the group members can see it) or public (Anyone can see it). <br>Some other possible options I could include are to add a feature where you can only see videos from within a 10 or so mile radius. Email me at if interested in developing this app.




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