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eQueue - Online Queuing App

a startup idea shared by Irvin Acosta on 06/01/2015

Tired of waiting in long queues waiting for your food? Do you find yourself arriving late for office or school because you had to wait in line for your favorite morning Starbucks coffee? eQueue, a mobile app will completely remove the need to wait. While you are commuting to your favorite food chain, you can pre order food you want on your phone app based on a virtual menu. This will essentially queue you up, alerting the restaurant that you will arrive in a specified amount of time (based on your distance from the restaurant), and allow them to prepare your food ahead of time. Now all you need to do is pick up your food and pay! (Paypal, bitcoin or other e-currencies can be used if preferred) No more hassle, and you can finally accommodate more tasks in your busy schedule!




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Ufuk Kaya Developer and System administrator Switzerland
saurabh mahajan Developer Delhi, India
Prince Sharma Developer Bangalore, India
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Roshan Ajit Kumar Launch in my location, part financer Dubai, UAE
Dillip Mohanty Design Product Mumabi
Ramesh Raju Web and mobile developer Dublin
Atul Nath Envagelist marketeer Pune,india
Vinícius Zanchini Developer Athens, OH, USA
J.X Funding Singapore
Victor Smilez web developer Nigeria
Vishal Avalani Developer Ahmedabad, India
Ammar Asim Android App Developer Lahore, Pakistan
SamuelDwizz UX/UI Design and Launch in Nigeria and West Africa Lagos, Nigeria
Dylan Rhodes Android Developer,Web Developer India
Toni Crompton Launch in NZ, New Zealand
Sumit Agarwal Developer India
Manuel Raimann Android and Web developer Germany

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