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Email delaying service

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 02/06/2011

I am on managerial position in one middle-sized company. I receive a lot of emails that I forward to my team members or even other managers to work on it. But sometimes I need them to focus on something more important at the moment than reading my emails and finding out how quickly they should reply. Would be great if I can just schedule the email to be sent one or two days later so I don't need to think about it any more and I am not disturbing my colleagues either. Best way would be to send it to specific email address that would automatically remove itself from the list of recipients before re-sending the message on scheduled time. I am sure there is many more opportunities to use such service.

communication, delay, email, teamwork, work

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Send Later for Thunderbird 77 months ago
by Gennady Kovshenin
Microsoft Outlook
Outlook 2010 (Windows version) coupled with Exchange can send delayed e-mail.
91 months ago
by Sasmito Adibowo
works well :)
106 months ago
by Zdenek
And there are many services alike that are good.
106 months ago
by Anonymous

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