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Education - Popup learning and courses

a startup idea shared by Thor Byrgesen on 04/23/2015

You know how much people use their phones right? Especially youngsters? Well this idea is, that you install an educational app, that popups with a simple question sometimes when you open your phone. <br>Like: 2+2 = ?<br>This will help educate people, by keeping them going. For an example I cannot remember what the Capital of Uganda is, even though we went through it in school. I was once able to recall all eu countries and their Capitals. If I had kept reversing it, I would remember it. <br>The idea here is to have different levels and courses to sign into. Each has a set of multiple choice questions the pupil has to answer. When the course is passed, sometimes when unlocking the phone, a question from the multiple choice pops up. The student must answer or it will continue to popup with a reminder every fifth minute. <br>In my example, I have to answer to a capital in Europe. In this way, I will reverse this maybe five times a day, and by this way keep reversing the curriculum. <br>Student classes, e-learning, study plans with multiple choices, alarm with obstacles, ads for founding, affiliate for study materials



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