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E-commerce / Shopping Platform

a startup idea shared by Gregory Lausch on 04/25/2016

Hi,<br><br>My idea is based on an E-commerce solution / Platform that allows consumers to shop online easily and in a social network environment. Closest competition would be a concept of Amazon Check Out system but adaptable to any online store worldwide which would make it the most efficient and fastest shopping tool of the internet.<br><br>For businesses, it will increase online sales conversion rate from 30 to 50% and it would be available for any business that has a online store.<br><br>I am looking for a partner that would handle the Front end and Back End development so we could present it for Funding.<br><br>Please get in touch with me for more information,

E-commerce / Shopping

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Srini Handling front end and backend development India
Alli Balogun Pharoouq Front-End development Nigeria lagos
Akash Shukla Design and business development los angeles,CA
Prince Hangula Project Coordinator Namibia, windhoek
Sourabh Sharma backened developer/ marketing Mumbai (India)
Sk Abir Application Development Bangladesh
Shripal Jadhav Handling front end and backend development pune (india)

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