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Drones and Internet connected things

a startup idea shared by Sigma Sparc on 10/09/2014

I want to start a startup that will produce tomorrows drones and Internet connected things. My reason why is that I have seen a growing market for drone technology and Internet connected thing. I have come up will several concepts for drones as this will be my primal focus to start.<br>Thus I am looking for individuals to join up with me and help build a team for the future.




The Internet of Things

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Michael George Programmer United States
shridhar rathore Developer India
Vikram Singh Rathore Software Developer and Tester India
Yash Dhandharia Co-Founder India
Maclean Pinto Java developer India
Vojta Staněk Developer Czech republic
Zoltán Kánvási Project Manager Budapest, Hungary
Manjunath Anvekar Co-Founder Bangalore
Jorgos Treskas Developer Germany
Ashish Santikari Software Developer Bangalore
Sanni Yëttïë Web developer Lagos, Nigeria
Ajit Choudhary Architect/Developer(.NET/SPA) Jaipur India
Jason Feimster Business Developer, Executive Advisor Washington, DC
Rosyid Technology Device Program Developer Indonesia
Rishi Ranka Software Engineer / Business Development San Jose
Jacob Kirby Graphic/Web Design Australia
Rocky Sly Co-Founder / Developer / Manager India
Giuseppe Co-founder / business/development/funding london
Paresh Thakor Mobile Development for Drone operations Anand, Gujarat, India

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