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Drive-Up Grocery

a startup idea shared by Cathy Thorsen on 09/29/2012

How many times have you had to stop in between grocery shopping trips at the end of a long day of work, already exhausted, or with the kids in tow, and having to deal with car seats and struggling with the kids through the grocery store, only to repeat it all in reverse to get home. Whew! My idea is not your typical drive-up convenience store. Instead, it includes an order station, a la Sonic, but with a scrolling menu board, a pay station, and a limited number of items, simple things that people commonly have to pick up between grocery shopping trips. The order is placed electronically, and then delivered to the car, where the customer checks the order and signs and pays, if they haven't already paid through the station. I can see limiting the number of items to around 20 to keep it simple and easy to deliver to the car. Alternately, there could be a few full meals available on a rotating basis for families that just want to grab a full meal and go.


drive-up grocery


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