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Directional Alarm Clock

a startup idea shared by Matt Norad on 10/06/2012

Problem : Couple have different sleep timing but often woken up by partner's alarm clock. Existing solution( is using wristwatch/ring/bangle that send small electrical shock to wake you up, but I think this is very impractical and I guess most of us don't like to wear anything like that when sleeping. My solution is using directional speaker(search "BBC - Audio Spotlight " in Youtube) which concentrate sound to very specific area. While your partner might still hear some sound due vibration and reflection, it still not as bad as common alarm clock.Also directional speaker is cheap now especially from AliBaba or any Chinese manufacturer. I think this idea can get high gain(publicity/exposure/financing) using crowdfunding platform such as I need cofounder that can do design and actual product prototyping and connection with manufacturing company(especially in China). I've done some rough sketch around this idea.







wake up

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Guillaume LEGER fund, design, prototyping , tests, launch Grenoble France
ilias esmati engineering denmark
Andy Holst Software developer Stockholm, Sweden
Duc Le engineer (manufacturing) Finland

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