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Digitization Medical History

a startup idea shared by Sudhanshu Mantri on 09/30/2017

Imagine this, a person who has a disease that he/she is facing for a long time and is getting treatment for years on end. Do you not think that having a digital copy of all the medical record attached to some form of identification on a database would be very helpful for that person who is seeking medical help and has to travel all around the country for his treatment rather than carrying all documents with him/her, misplacing them and having no record of it at all. I would like to pitch an idea to make such a database and clubbing it with an app so that all the medical history of that patient is recorded and there is no fear of losing valuable data.<br><br>this could also help doctors keep track of all the prior medication and treatments given to the patient as well as the all the test results so that a lot of resources are saved by the patient and most importantly time and money.









resource savings



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