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a startup idea shared by Maharshi on 12/03/2014

Imagine a scenario where you have a medical emergency at middle of the night in an unknown country or town.So here comes our solution. We are a group of 5 people who are wanting to make Medication and Doctor's appointment as smooth as possible to give a painless or non-critical experience. We are connecting with all the doctors here in India along with the pharmacy stores to collaborate. We would be giving users facilities like 24*7 online doc appointment,virtual appointment,doc or nurse visits at home,home delivery of medication through our website. We need passionate and energetic people all over the world to join us in this adventure.We need you to promote and connect with the pharmacy and doctors for this project. We need people willing to take part or responsibility to market this and take up responsibilities.We would in return provide you with loyalty bonus and official designations after we complete the project.People of their respective regions would then we a part in building their teams. Interested People please please let me know.Together we can make a difference.

Digital Medication

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Ajit Choudhary Architect/Developer Jaipur India
Ashish Adavatiya Project Planning and Execution Ahmedabad, India
Hirenkumar Movaliya Data collection, MArketing Ahmedabad

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