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Defend Your Cause/Make your Case

a startup idea shared by Alma Ohene-Opare on 12/06/2014

A news site that splits news stories based on their ideological bias. The site's users rate each story as right-leaning, left-leaning or centrist. When users comment on a story, they are required to reveal if they are left-leaning, right-leaning or centrist on the issue. So readers can filter stories and or comments based on their bias. There will be a troll hunter button that allows the community to oust trolls pretending to be either unbiased or secretly aligning with a camp they don't actually agree with. This concept can be applied to a comment plugin like disqus. So blog owners and news sites can gain statistics on how users are rating their stories on the ideological scale and the ideological spectrum of the comments they receive on their posts.



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