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PeTe shared this idea 5 years ago

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Decision trees for tax forms

a startup idea shared by PeTe on 04/05/2015

Bureaucratic forms are a nightmare to fill-in yourself. There are lots of people who are required by law to submit them. In effect, this only creates thousands of hours wasted, plus large income for tax consultants. Every year, the same problems, same questions. Yet all this is unnecessary.. if so many people are filling in these documents each year, why isn't there already a website/service/tutorial how to fill them in correctly? Something where you don't need to read hundreds of pages of legislature. Imagine a website, where you go through a series of yes/no questions, then you are asked to fill in a couple of fields with instructions where you can find the correct value (there is always some other bureaucratic document which contains that value - such as annual tax recapitulation, confirmation of income etc.) And in the end you will get a correctly finished tax form, ready to print. I understand that especially with taxes there is no one-size-fits-all.. but come on, we've seen much more complicated tools than this. Besides, the tax advisors always know how to fill in the tax forms, this only aims to do it once, do it properly and finally DRY - don't repeat yourself.






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