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Death insurance

a startup idea shared by Paule Müller on 09/18/2012

Death Insurance People get less kids and acquire wealth they take to the grave, or even have something like nice house but not the money they need to live a life nice with. There should be a way of selling stuff while you live for the time after you die, but still be able to use it as long as you are alive. The death insurance could let people sell things and get the price as a sort of salary in advance. Take the house: Sell it when you are 60. You can still use it as long as you live or up to a fixed time. Meanwhile you get a monthly share of the houses price as a sort of salary. The owner and the buyer can agree individually if its a fixed loan, if the price gets paid in full at the beginning or in parts, or a professional employee of the company could estimate the value and salary as insurance consultants usually do. Naturally the house would be sold cheaper than what its worth. The business model is the same as insurances have but in reverse.






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