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Kayla Nava shared this idea 5 years ago

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Cuisine fused with 21st Century Literature

a startup idea shared by Kayla Nava on 10/22/2016

International cuisines have plagued the food industry in the Philippines. Filipino cuisine is seldom reinvented, leading to a small number of entrepreneurs venturing in this cuisine. It is the same situation for Filipino literary works because of the widespread of globalization and patronage towards foreign cuisine. This is not good news for the Filipino identity because it is being overshadowed by the foreign cuisines that millennial entrepreneurs have focused on. Calle 003 will bring Filipino cuisine and literary works together to kindle the millennial’s love and patronage towards their own culture. Calle 003 will reanimate how Filipinos see their culture since it is not a common thought to bring cuisine and literature together. As a concrete solution, Calle 003 will be adding relatable quotes from 21st Century literary works from the Philippines into its dish names, packaging designs and website. It is named Calle 003 because "calle" means street and millenial street parks are great locations to attract millennial customers. 003 represents the 3 main islands of the Philippines

21st Century


Filipino Cuisine

food industry






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