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Crowdsourced start-up development + revenue share

a startup idea shared by matus on 10/26/2011

Every start-up company have 3 big problems. The first one is detailed description and review of business concept / model, second one is no money or time, and third is realization, which is in 90% cases sw development. But any start-up can give % of future revenue share if it will be successful. There are many rules that can define what exactly revenue share is, and how much of it will be given to each of developers. What do you think ?




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Ralf Lippold Advisor Dresden
FOUNDUPS Team Member Japan
Saul Fleischman Management, Marketing, Organizational Design, PR Osaka, Japan
mingerz Advisor Malaysia
innowin Ideation conceptualization India
Lukáš Strniště Project Management, Idea / Innovatione Development Bonn, Germany / Czech Republic
sagar Product Conceptualization & Business Development India
Alva Development United States
Sara Wellenkamp Cervantes Creativity & copywriter Portugal
matus Local work force, Marketing & Product management Slovakia
Marshall Hargrave Advisor, Business Development United States
Mark Nlaani Advisory and Business Development (Africa) Accra , Ghana
František Blažek Webdesign, Graphic design(logo, CI etc.) (Czech Republic)
Sridhar Ganesan Software Developer India
Will Wissen Business Development Germany
Giovanni Velasco Perez Software development Bogotá Colombia
Dario De Pasquale Product Management, User Experience and Validation Seattle, WA
Tushar Jogadia Marketing, Product and Business Development India - Mumbai
Rami Hersonsky Software CTO Israel
Ram Software Developer Pune, India
Md Toriqul Islam Idea generation and implementation Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nebi Çankaya Project DEvelopment and System Plannning İstanbul, Turkey
Jimi Olaniyan Software Developer Nigeria
iyke kama funding lagos nigeria
Abhishek Joshi launch in my country India
Rodrigo Grillo Full Stack .Net Developer Ireland
Bin Ismail web developer , Abuja, Nigeria

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