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Crowdsource Fundraiser ICO-alternative.

a startup idea shared by Vladimir Venediktov on 10/23/2017

Imaginge GitHub, BitBucket , Gitlab but with ability to start development together with fundraising campaign. Those interested in the software put 1$-5$ each into the bucket , other developers see the bucket with money growing and attempt to create a sort of "pull request" to collect this bounty by providing code solution. The code will land into a private branch, so only supporting parties will get to see/use new code or feature. The stake in the feature is equal , everyone contributing same amount $5 ( example) it will be automatically licensed to those who invested in the feature - aka "code fork". This crowdsourcing platform will be built on exiting Git commands as an external Git mirror to GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket. The developer(s) who complete(s) the code-fork gets reward from the reward bucket. It's like but more of a GitHub + other collaborative tools interfaces in one suite , allowing you to maintain , share and deploy code and promote fundraising campaigns. It is by developers for developers-investors who can read code not just white-paper producing ICO websites.






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