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Crowd sourced Education Platform

a startup idea shared by Vivekanandan Siva on 01/30/2018

People All over the world, Pay Money For Providing free education for people all over the world. While many organizations exists to provide basic education. I feel this is the time we should focus on Advanced education. So the idea is to spend that money on experts, who can inspire people and provide advanced knowlege without worrying much about the basic knowledge as these will eventually be provided by other people. The main idea is to inspire people and give them the big picture, the knowledge which is state of the art, get lots of people to push the boundary further and increase the rate at which development happens. The Reason Its restricted to Atmost 12 topics because, To maintain the highest of quality and to provide maximum funding for the best teams which gets selected. And All these videos and contents will be published online for free and through all other media for free, TV, Radios etc. Through all possilbe media, To inspire the maximum number of people. The money required for this scale of project will have to be calculated and compared against people spending money on kickstarter campaigns, donating to money to non profit organizations etc.




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