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Steven shared this idea 2 years ago

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Continuous Pairwise Comparison Priority App

a startup idea shared by Steven on 03/10/2018

What problem do I want to see resolved? - Some people need ongoing help prioritising. There is a dearth of tools for such. What solution do I suggest? - All of the 'Pairwise Comparison' Android Apps currently on Google Play are incomplete in my opinion. If one makes a list of items/anything to be prioritised, once all the pairwise comparisons are carried out, nothing can be added to the list without having to compare the whole list all over again. Currently for example, if one has just prioritised a list of ten items(or any number), and one thinks of something else to be added, the ENTIRE amount of comparisons has to be carried out again! It should be possible to solely compare the new item against all the others and then be presented with the new updated list. One should also be able to take a single item from an already completed list and be able to re-compare just that single item against the others in case one's opinion of it has changed. There are several other features that would be 'nice to have' but the ones I have list above are the main. Thanks for reading! :)







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