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Connect young scientists and businesses

a startup idea shared by Michal Hudeček on 11/21/2011

Hi guys,

I am working on a project which aim is to connect scientists and businesses. Science in the Czech Republic is underfinanced (I believe in other countries too) so young smart minds are forced to look for patrons or commercial ventures to support their research. We are trying to create a simple but visually appealing site that allows them to present themselves in a professional way so the potential donors can come to a single site. Do you know about any similar project in your country? Would you like to join our team?

connecting, funding, networking, online ideas, science, social business ideas

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28 months ago
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28 months ago
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Netkite Open Innovation Platform 41 months ago
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Business Ideas
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54 months ago
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Forward Thinking Platform
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74 months ago
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