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Connect young scientists and businesses

a startup idea shared by Michal Hudeček on 11/21/2011

Hi guys, I am working on a project which aim is to connect scientists and businesses. Science in the Czech Republic is underfinanced (I believe in other countries too) so young smart minds are forced to look for patrons or commercial ventures to support their research. We are trying to create a simple but visually appealing site that allows them to present themselves in a professional way so the potential donors can come to a single site. Do you know about any similar project in your country? Would you like to join our team?




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Nicola developer netherlands
innowin Product conceptualization evangelizing India
Lukáš Strniště PM / Idea Development Czech Republic / Germany
Alva Developer America
szati PM, Good connection to Universities, Tech transfer Hungary
Alex Krone Business development, marketing, human resources United States
Michal Hudeček Web design, PR Prague, Czech Republic
Vladislav Cmíral Planner, driver, technician, remotehand, agent Prague, Czech republic
David Gonzales cna cisco bolivia
James Band Bio-medical Engineer Student North Carolina, USA
Enrique Ortega Business development and logistics. Biotechnology. Guadalajara, Jalisco
Ivan Cherkasov Developer, promotion in Russia Russia, Izhevsk
Ralf Lippold Advisor Dresden, Germany
Musfa supply chain management student mrocco
Ruwan Egodawatte Developer Sri Lanka
Anubhav Singh Business development India
Rami Hersonsky Software CTO&Developer Israel
Rob Kara Software Architect / UI and Functional Designer New Zealand
Edward Whyman Social Media Manager London
Leandro Velho Promote in Brazil Brazil
Giorgos Rimo Software Engineer and Test Analyst London, UK
amay jha Developer and Promoter Singapore
Jeremy Lu Advisor - Science Business Manager, Educator Western Australia
Mazaharul Huq Developer & Promoter Dhaka University,Bangladesh
SANDEEP developer India
Vikas Mishra Social Media manager and developer India
vikash sangwan Business Analyst and Core Java Developer New Delhi,India
Tomas Zbynovsky Bridge between unis & companies Prague
Sazzad Hossain Business Analyst,projects, Fund manager & promoter Singapore
Sundar Nataraj Moblie app and web developer India also can do any
Jeetendra Lulla management india
Paolo Anchoriz Developer Philippines
Shreyans Jain Business Development India
Ashish Singh Core JAVA developer ,Web development (php) INDIA
Abideen Adelu Developer (Mobile Platform and Backend) Nigeria
Beatriz Canteiro promoter (by launching this idea in my country) Portugal
Karen Uriot Manage relationships with scientists and companies Paris
Upasana Innovation Strategist Boston, USA
Reimo Rehkli ideas in communication and marketing Estonia
Carl Forrest Analytics, Quantitative Marketing, Growth Hacking Arlington VA
MARIOS AP Advisor-Science Business Manager, Educator,Promote Greece
Max Infocom Launch in my country New Delhi, India
omkar palkar Engineering pune,india
Chris Wahlfeldt Web Developer Illinois, USA
Patel Dhiren Developer India
Param Rawal Web Developer India
atul Chauhan Quality Analyst Bangalore
Lalit Vashista Networker of Scientists and Businesses Mumbai, India
Nirav Zota Financial analysis, project performance measurer India
Nithya Priya UI UX designer Hong kong
Karthik Kalyan Engineer, WebDeveloper and Scientific Researcher Mumbai
Nguyễn Việt Anh Business Development Vietnam
Leonardo Bastos Project Management, Engineering and Researcher Brazil
Ana Reyna Idealistic Utah
Ranjith Vulla Suggestions india
Sajid Iqbal investment pakistan
Tarun Kumar Depends Delhi
Rully Ramadhan Developer Indonesia
Rajib Halder Software Designer (Java) Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA
Bhagyashri Sarvate Android Developer Bangalore, India
Artemis Ong Engineer Malaysia
Kiran Chowdary sponsor New Jersey
SamuelDwizz Web Development and launch in my country Lagos, Nigeria
ali safary Lunch in my country! Iran
Mohammed Gad Co-founder .. Team leader Cairo,Egypt
Harry Smith Business Development, Leadership and IT United States
Keep Calm Designer Berlin, Germany
Mojmír Gaško Pomoc na slovenskom trhu. Slovakia
Dalibor Hořínek Developer Olomouc, Czech Republic
Kaushik Sarker Setu Software Engineer Dhaka, Bangladesh
Alex Craven HTML/CSS Developer South Wales, UK
Arifin Md Shamsul Developer Bangladesh
Albert Landa Finance, Crypto investors finding Israel
Simone Cangelosi interested in launching in my country Rome VERY NICE INDIAN

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