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a startup idea shared by Priyabrata Purohit on 03/14/2015

Problem- I am an International student.When I came to USA,I faced three problems . -Finding my own country restaurants. -Finding good roommates and reasonable price apartments. -Making decision in choosing appropriate University out which I can get good return of Investment. Also choosing appropriate course. -getting an Iphone on contract basis as I have SSN and I belong to middle class family. I am facing a major problem and wasting hefty amount. so to help future International students who aspire to be in USA .. SOLUTION -WE WILL CONNECT STUDENTS WITH COLLEGE SENIOR,HELP THEM IN FINDING NEW ROOMATES BY CONNECTING THEM WITH INCOMING STUDENTS,HELP INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN FINDING THEM GOOD FLATS AND INDIAN RESTRAUNTS HOW - By mobile and web applicaiton

connect people

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Phani Teja Komaravolu Web and Mobile Development / Product Development Cincinnati, OHIO, USA.
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Sanni Yëttïë Web developer Lagos, Nigeria
Akshay Sonone student india
Rishav Kumar student kolkata
Volodymyr Situkha entrepreneur Ukraine

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