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Connect buyers and sellers of sponsorship

a startup idea shared by Raj on 01/19/2013

Businesses are constantly flooded with sponsorship proposals from brands/events which aren't aligned with their company vision, and they hardly waste time reading these lengthy proposals. Let's build a web-based platform for all sponsorship needs. Users seeking sponsorship can list their proposal online(only the most important information is required) and sponsors can easily find the ones which suit them. Sponsors can contact and speak directly to listers via the platform. Finally, sponsors can purchase sponsorship packages online, with a nominated portion going to charities. List. Browse. Connect. Purchase similar to: While I understand multiple coding languages, I'm not a professional - in need of web development support. Sketched a very basic wireframe which I'm happy to send to those interested. Based in Australia where there is a growing trend in sponsorships.





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Raj Business development, marketing Sydney, Australia
Rosston Meyer Foudner Florida, USA
Rinkie Singh Rathaud Marketing/Social Media work San Francisco, CA
HARISH R Business development and marketing India
Mukesh Gupta Marketing, Web Development, Internet Research New Delhi, India
Benton Turner Product manager, business development University of Pennsylvania
Mauricio Dana Latin America Manager Mexico City, Mexico

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