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Communication App For Tenants/Landlords

a startup idea shared by AR on 01/10/2013

Overview: Create convenience/communication features for tenants and landlords/property managers via mobile app Target: Apartment Rental buildings, Real Estate Management Companies. There are currently similar software but for larger/more sophisticated buildings. I am talking about smaller scale here. Use Cases: A) Report Maintenance Issues B) Make Complaints/Safety Reminders C) Bill Pay and Rent Reminder D) Contracts, Lease Renewal, Lease Terms and Length E) Package Notifications F) Utilities F) Emergency Info. G) Bulletin Board H) Visual Laundry (optional and can be a separate app) Revenue: Offer a freemium model with basic features for free. Add ons could be bill pay, cloud storage, laundry app, etc. Advertisement could come from local businesses and upgrade version. Could also allow local business to push deals/coupons within a certain geographic area





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Ruben Demuynck developer belgium
Nimrod Eiloni web developer, marketing Israel
Francis Cheung Mobile developer Canada
Abdullah Almudhaf funding, localization and launch in our region Kuwait
Kenneth Jacob GIS Developer Perth
Guru Developer India
Varouj Seuylemezian Product Manager, Developer, Architect los angeles, california
Adewumi Adebayo Software Developer Lagos Nigeria
James King Developer United Kingdom
Inderjeet Narang Digital/Social marketing Greater Noida
Ankit Kohli Sales Bangalore
Jeff Sheldon Developer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jade Ann Fester Management Accountant South Africa
Tefo Mandela Motatamali Developer South Africa
Hannah Cheung Graphic Design/UX Designer San Francisco
Rahul Gudimella Developer C#, Java Atlanta, GA
Dhaval Upadhyay developer india
Ronnie ronn App developer Nairobi kenya
Waqar UlHaq Developer Pakistan
Prince Hangula Project Coordinator Namibia, windhoek
Shraddha Zope-Ladhe Developer India
Gyula Gyöngyösi Developer Hungary
Rex Tabüena Developer Philippines
Shamar T Developer Harare ,Zimbabwe
James Lebrone AI developer C++, Javascript Nairobi, Kenya
rameez Developer Pakistan
Kutlo Angela Sammy Molefe Interested in launching in my country Botswana
tolulope opadiran interested in launching in my country Nigeria

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