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a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 01/24/2016

A scenario has several layers of abstraction. Some writers may work on a more abstract level, design the general architecture of a plot, other writers may flesh the plot out.<br>Little by little, the work becomes less and less abstract, more and more alive.<br>A writer delineates the big parts of the story. Another writer chooses one part among these, and delineates its big subparts. The process is repeated with the subparts, until an agreement is reached that a big part is completed. A completed part is then locked against further edits, though branching is allowed (the creation of a completely unlocked new project based on a copy of the current project).<br>If the whole story is deemed complete, it may be locked too. While the story is still unlocked, new big parts may be added, so that the story can run indefinitely long.<br>Dialogues may be written cooperatively too, for example with each writer making the lines of a single character, so that a vivid contrast in personality appears between the characters.<br>It is important not to enforce policies on how writers should coordinate their effort, so that experimentation leads to new ways to work together.


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