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Saurabh Sharma shared this idea 9 years ago
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Collaborative Surfing

a startup idea shared by Saurabh Sharma on 10/15/2013

The idea is to be able to send a 'super-powered' hyperlink to another party, which when received is able to start a windowat both the parties' ends, and the same resource(referenced by the hyperlink) opens up in both the browsers(something like screen sharing) and both the parties are able to control and navigate the surfing at the same time. basically the sent link can refer to anything(on the web). A youtube video can be watched at once by both, a song can be listened to by both(there are some tools that do this), a document can be navigated by both(what google drive does) plus much more .... The challenges are getting the HTML5 features to work overcoming different bandwidths etc., then the UX part which involves painting the resource rendered in a browser pop-up(maybe) at both ends at once. Also, in case of the sending party being offline the recording of the navigation with audio can be saved which the initial sender can then listen to an watch later.



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