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Cloud Vault

a startup idea shared by Syed Anas Khalil on 02/06/2016

&quot;Cloud vault&quot;...a concept very similar to cloud computing where your data is secured and easily accessible from virtually anywhere and to anyone you want. Imagine the application of this idea to actual physical information. Documents, valuables and other items that you keep in a safe protected. With peace of mind that you can access them anytime you want and that they&apos;re secured. But the real issue here is mobility. You can&apos;t access your safe from anywhere you want. In case of mobility you risk the information by carrying them. Now imagine a highly motivated team which is commited to keep your physicle information safe just like in a vault, but, at the same time your vault is capable to move with you anywhere you want. with a click or drag from your computer you can actually initiate the movement of your physical data in realtime to anywhere you want, ensuring not only mobility but high security at the same time. Sharing in realtime is also possible given the access rights to whomever you desire.<br><br>This idea can be applied if banks and delivery services can collaborate with each other providing each other with the assets and expertise in this value-added service.<br>




physical cloud management



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