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a startup idea shared by Mike Myrtil on 11/14/2015

Its 2015 and you can only have one item in the clipboard on your computer/phone. I would like to see an app that replaces the stock clipboard system where you can store infinite, if not at least 5 separate items that you copied on to the clipboard. Whenever you want to paste, it will show you the list of items that you copied previously. Perhaps an overlay that slowly fades into view right next to the place you want to paste. The app can even have advanced options for customizability like being able to highlight words and characters within an item and copy that as a separate item in the clipboard. A built in search function would be helpful to filter through the list. It would be ideal for this app to act like the stock clipboard service and work silently in the background. This app would be totally free with no in-app purchases or ads. Super-light download and install if possible. P.S. Material design on android platforms is a necessity







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