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Civic Engagement app

a startup idea shared by DJMF on 04/14/2016

There is currently a lack of political engagement and understanding of the politics and political issues. As a result of citizen disengagement and belief that politicians won’t ‘listen’, many people shy away from politics altogether. The purpose of the app would be to help remedy this. An app that enables people to ‘swipe’ left/right which view on a topical policy reflects their own in comparison to their peers in geographical district & with similar voting preferences. The hope is that this would provide a more ‘engaging’ platform to debate, share and discuss political issues. Sentiment analysis would be inbuilt to monitor social media feeds like Twitter and display visually, the ‘trending’ policy issues. A function to enables users to register popular grievances e.g.) areas where there are large potholes, litter, drugs etc. Results would be populated on a ‘heat-map’ based interface. local representative can gain a popular view of its local citizens concerns. It is hope that the app would be of interest not only for the casual user but potentially as a tool for local representatives. Importantly, the app would be made informative & fun as possible.


civic engagement






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