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Warit Srisuriyarungrueng shared this idea 1 year ago

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Citizenship Platform

a startup idea shared by Warit Srisuriyarungrueng on 04/16/2019

There are ubiquitous demand in every countries in the world that would like to move from the country of origin. However, it is hard for them to do that since there is still no global platform for all countries available to acquire new citizenship. Some of citizen may not be wealth enough to acquire citizenship in first world country but there is a demand in some small countries as well. This is what platform fulfill the market demand.<br><br>What if there is a global platform for anyone citizen that would like to move to other country can find condition, resource and apply directly through the web. This will solve ordinary people problem who would like to just move away country of origin.

Acquire Citizenship

Living Abroad


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