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Meenakshi Agrawal wants to realize this 3 years ago
Jwarenec1 shared this idea 6 years ago

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Childrens Tech Timeout

a startup idea shared by Jwarenec1 on 03/08/2015

Ever tell you child that they could not play their gaming system or watch tv because they were in trouble or grounded only to find them doing exactly that. Well with Tech Timeout these systems are lock through a wall device that is connected to an apllication on phone computer or tablet. They can be set to a timer days or minutes. You can also select the goal option where once children complete daily chores such as homework, cleaning their room, brushing their teeth, etc each task is an electronic token. You can set how many tokens it takes to unlock the item and for how long whether it be two hours or resets and locks again at midnight. Never again do you need to physically remove these items and risk damage to these expensive devices again.




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Meenakshi Agrawal To design the UX and add required features Varanasi

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