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Change the world!

a startup idea shared by Public Profile on 03/04/2015

Do you believe that you have what it takes to change the world? Did you create something spectacular and innovative but you do not have the resources or knowledge to make the next step? etc. If yes, I need you on my team! I am looking for mentors, talented programmers, people with innovative tech ideas, engineers, marketing experts, tech designers etc. It does not matter where you’re from, are you academically qualified etc. only thing that matters is your personality, creativity and knowledge! We will try to build progress in tech fields relating to: Artificial intelligence, biotech, 3D Printing, robotics etc. I am trying to gather a team of talented engineers, programmers, designers, tech evangelists, marketing experts etc. that will work together and change the world. Until we achieve something great and raise funds, we will work and collaborate through the internet, depending on the location of team members. Together we will create ideas, test products, raise funds, build technologies and eventually incorporate our team. Mentors and investors are welcome too. Everyone interested, send e-mail to: with information about you, your vision and experience.

Artificial Intelligence







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Mohcin Bounouara Developer / Project management and Social Media Morocco
carlos galindo Idealistic Roy utah usa
Nurul K Developer Singapore
Giuseppe business/development/funding london
Davide De Carlo Molecular Biologist and Entrepreneur Italy-USA
Gautam Sharma Designing,rendering,3d models, Mechanics Chandigarh,India
Usman Mehboob marketing expert, innovative tech gadgets ideas Lahore, Pakistan
Rama Krishna Reddy Dyava Robotics/AI engineer Italy
Umar Farooq AI / Project Management / Application Architect Pakistan
Saed Saedy co-founder iran
Hamdî Ben Tîba web developper tunisia
Elham Aryanpur Artificial Intelligence And Software Programmer! I Live I Afghanistan But I Can Work Remotely Too!

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