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Lakenz wants to realize this 4 years ago
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Car Sharing Apps

a startup idea shared by Alakes Guchhait on 02/10/2016

Every day we travel on road for office, home, job, education, health, travel and for so many purpose. Everywhere public transport are not on door step or every one able to have own car. Sometimes even having a car we cant drive if we go to airport or rail stations. If there is an app that connects people with private/commercial car, we can share a car journey with our fellow passenger. For example, if we daily travel on road for our office /institutions, few of us can have almost matched time & destination. We can share car for our every day travel. Similarly one have a private car and have less money for fuel to travel every day by own car, he can get some co passengers though app who can share his cost. He will pick up and drop them every day and also do same at return time. It can be manged through app. If his office time changes, he can also manage new passenger. For commercial car driver it will have better advantage. He can upload his travel route and time in App, and get sufficient passenger during up journey and down journey. It will help him to make business in some certain routes and reduces random travelling in all areas to collect single or few passengers.



Commercial Car



Private Car


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Jagdish Parmar UI/UX Designer Ahmedabad (India)
Marek Feuermann Web developer Czech Republic
Sapana Ranipa iOS Application Developer Rajkot, India
Lakenz Launch in my country Nigeria

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