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Cake and Coffee – User friendly Elder Network

a startup idea shared by Paule Müller on 11/06/2012

As society ages more and more and people get ever more isolated, especially the older they get, here might be a solution. Cake and Coffee would be a network for old people to plan events, beginning from something as casual as Cake and Coffee or a walk together. Being mostly for digital natives, the network would offer an automated phone handling. Customers could set a newsletter via telephone to get notified when something is up in their vicinity, or start projects themselves. This could work like crowdfunding: Cake and coffee if minimum 4 people join. Furthermore the network could provide services from a hotline with personal help delivering all the internet can: Organizing transport, shopping etc, and so functioning as an opening window to the digital world and a bridge to the social one. Revenue could come in via ads, a small fee after the first month, the personal hotline costing a fee, or via provisions from the extra services like transport or shopping, taken from the companies to whom the order is passed on.






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