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Boolean representation of information

a startup idea shared by Oleg Damaskin on 02/09/2019

Now most devices for processing information use binary coding, that is, information is represented by a sequence of two letters, more precisely, two digits - 0 and 1. However, information can also be represented by a Boolean formula.<br>What it is?<br>This sequence of letters and two characters, namely &quot;+&quot;, &quot;*&quot; (this character can be omitted).<br>Each of the letters displays information about the presence of a certain set of attributes of a certain set of objects. Formula A + B displays information about two sets. The formula A * B<br>displays information about the set of objects that is the intersection of sets A and B. If you enter new letters for these two formulas, for example, C = A + B, D = AB, then they can<br>form new formulas with other letters that display information about the sets of other objects, for example CE or D + E. A letter appears in the formula if there is at least one information object<br>in the set that it displays.<br>An example of applying a Boolean representation of information human communication<br>For example, a description of a certain person: &quot;a woman, middle-aged, tall, with blond hair, etc.&quot; Each word or expression defines a set to which the considered information object





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