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Bob Ross Pen (after the famed TV art teacher)

a startup idea shared by Mike Simon . Connex.Us on 05/23/2012

Lots of people could learn to draw if someone spent the time to show them how, and corrected their mistakes as they made them. That's where the Artist pen comes in. Similar to some of the pens that record your strokes, this pen has a chip in it. Additionally, it has a tiny accelerometer and a tiny oscillating motor, similar to those that make phones vibrate. Where the Ross Pen differs is that the user uploads, or traces line art, which is then stored in the pen. Then when the user turns on the "Rossifier" and starts drawing, the pen vibrates to let them know when they are going too far outside the lines. In this way, everyone can learn the correct ways to shape their figure with gentle nudging in the right directions from their pen. With a strong enough motor, the pen could also act as a gyroscope and help orient itself to make the correct line. With that, everyone can learn to draw and with practice can tone down the Rossifier and draw on their own.






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