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Bioelectronics & Biocomputers

a startup idea shared by Syphone Maverick on 11/28/2014

No, we are not going to implant any computer materials for the cells, but we are going to allow the cells to function like a computer, changing DNA if necessary, to A) Light up (Screen) B) Store memories C) Process Memories D) Give senses so it can process Visual and Audio Orders to do a designated function E) Comprehension system to understand the situation It is a computer, but only made of biological cells. Benefits: A) People who understand the idea of Biosteel, one cell divide to create identical cells until the number reaches millions, can also see that producing cost and time (eventually) is minimum and that there is less environment impact from manufacturing and trashing B) Allow cells to do what information technologies cannot do- giving functions like practicality so it does not need to follow designated order every time. One example would be identifying the owner accurately through their senses so that the owner does not need to worry anything about getting their private information stolen, when someone tries to access unwanted information




Genetic Engineering



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