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Bill splitting for roommates

a startup idea shared by Craig Lawrence Jr. on 04/20/2012

Bill splitting can sometimes be a complex task. How much is the bill this month? Wait, what percentage of water do I pay? Why not simplify the process?

With a function similar to which allows you to link up your utilities and any relevant bills. Thus, when all bills come in, an email is sent to all roommates. Could be useful in other contexts, like a fraternity house or other group living situation where the roommates change.

You could improve the process by allowing everyone to pay their portion online and avoid the whole (who wants to write the big check issue).

This concept could be applied in a variety of situations and could be developed into an iphone app for paying for a trip.

, app, convenience,, personal finance, web-site

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Been using shortreckonings for years now. Try it you will like it
9 months ago
by Anonymous
SettleUp 10 months ago
by Anonymous
Coursework Services 16 months ago
by Anonymous
Tricount 18 months ago
by Anonymous
deep web sites
Deep Web can also be called as Hidden Web or Invisible Web.
20 months ago
by Anonymous
Generic roommate bill splitting+ set up & manage energy & broadband
26 months ago
by Anonymous
Bill Split App 28 months ago
by Anonymous
Brollet lets you share anything with a group of friends in a way you have never seen before
30 months ago
by Anonymous
Splitwise 33 months ago
by Anonymous
Splittable App
We thought so too, so we built it! Already available in 20+ countries :)
36 months ago
by Anonymous
My friend and I made this in 2008 way before other projects started in this space.
45 months ago
by Anonymous
Divitapp 52 months ago
by Anonymous
It already exists
52 months ago
by Anonymous
Glide - House share bills made easy
I used this last year in ~Hull and proved successful
52 months ago
by Richard Slee
Chillr 53 months ago
by Anonymous
Super simple bill splitting webapp
55 months ago
by Anonymous
Glassjar 55 months ago
by Anonymous
SpotMe Payments 75 months ago
by Anonymous
GroupMe now lets you split the bill
This could be a problem as GroupMe is huge.
76 months ago
by Pranav Mutatkar
Contribution Meter 76 months ago
by Vikram Dhillon
WePay 78 months ago
by Sean Sekora
BillMonk 83 months ago
We're working on an iPhone app for this. Give us some feedback hello[at]
85 months ago
by Anonymous
I made this! If it needs more work, let me know! mcintyre321 @@@
88 months ago
by Anonymous

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